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One of the kids from the bike trip came by my desk


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He said hello, and I said "Wasn't the ride fun?"


His reply "oh yeah, all that climbing was so FUN!"  <very sarcastic voice>


I said back "Climbing makes you stronger.  You gotta go up to go down."


Then he rolled his eyes at me and walked away.   :mellow:

He was hoping you would have had a harder time and complained even more because "You're a girl"......you showed him what a pussy he was! Haa!

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Dudes a weenie.


One of the kids was awesome.  He rode a dirt jump bike much like my pump track bike.  He struggled on the climbs,but on the downhills he stayed right on me. I gapped him a little here and there, but I think I had home turf advantage.  I know every turn, every rock and every line. 

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