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I saw Devo during the Oh, No! It's Devo tour in '82.  The show was at the Fox Theater in Detroit.  The Fox was built pre-depression and is one of those exceedingly orchestra theaters.  On either side of the stage is a huge statue of a Buddha sitting in the lotus position.


We had great seats I think we were between the 5th and 10th row.  What was even better was that no one else was in our row.  The seats were probably season tickets owned by some corporation.  It didn't matter, the only people in our row were me and my three friends.


During Jocko Homo, the lights went off and they did an instrumental thing.  The lights went up and Mark Mothersbaugh and reclining in Buddha's lap.  "Are we not men?!" he'd sing and the crowd responded.  "We are Devo".  He did it a couple times, it was incredibly cool.  Then Mothersbaugh climb off Buddha and up the aisle along the side.  He saw that our row was empty making it would be an easy path to the center of the theater.  He ran down our row and sang,  "Are we not men?!" then stuck the mic in my face and I got to reply, "We are Devo" into the mic.

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