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How long until the first law suit is filed


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I just wonder how much of the timing of the "family" arriving in Dallas and the arrival of Jesse Jackson, etc are coincedences.


This is going to turn into an ugly racial thing.


One of our most notorious city councilmen, Ron Wiley Price has already played the race card, clalming the ebola victim was turned away originally due to race.


Fun, fun, fun.  I love Dallas most of the time.  Right now is not most of the time.

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That disease has a 90% fatality rate.  If I caught it, I would not expect to survive.  The numbers are very clear.

Nope, mortality rate is a coin toss.  




And that is with third world medicine.  The fact that the others that were brought here with ebola survived will be used as well.   


This is not going to end well.


Massive lawsuit or my name is not jsharr.

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