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What ever happened...

Road Runner

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...to the great Syrian chemical weapons crisis of a couple months ago?  Kerry and Obama were everywhere advocating immediate retaliation for Assad's sarin gas attack on his own people.  According to the White House, Assad had violated international law and military action was absolutely necessary to punish Syria and to level the playing field for the opposition.  Some people. like Sen McCain, wanted to do even more.  It was an urgent world crisis!


Now Assad has agreed to chemical weapons disarmament and everything is okay?  So if I shoot someone, will they let me go if I give up my gun?


In the end, I'm just extremely glad that this "crisis" has ended and that no American service personnel, as well as many more Syrian citizens, had to die just to prove a point.  But this whole episode could have quite easily gone the other way, and certainly had the potential for escalating into a real world crisis.

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Obama shot his mouth off, drew a red line in the sand, and then the arabs called his bluff.


Assad is what he is, but demonizing some leader just because he didn't kowtow....well, those kind of wars aren't worth dying in

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