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Out on a ride yesterday, and as I was approaching a road (more a driveway for a HVAC business), a guy approaching me on the trail crossed the road, and when he returned to the trail section, he was just onto the gravel shoulder section rather than the paved trail itself.  He made the mistake of trying to just ride back onto the pavement, caught his front wheel, and wiped out.  I circled back to check on him, and he was just scraped up and said he was embarrassed.  Much better to be embarrassed than concussed :)  Wish I had the front GoPro going for the full story, but just had my rear blinky going when it happened. 


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On 12/27/2021 at 10:49 AM, ChrisL said:

Oh dayum!  Yeah I often times ride in the dirt alongside a MUP but always make sure to hop back up on the trail as to avoid catching a tire on the lip. 

I saw it happening but thought he would pull it off.  I drifted right to give him room, but was already turning as he was finishing his fall. I've definitely caught ruts and lips but have mostly been lucky.  Worst fall in recent times was one in ice/snow on an overpass where my front wheel went one way and I went down and banged my wrist breaking the fall.  That was a couple winters ago, and no snow yet this year.

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