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OH NO!!! Randomguy!!!!!

Razors Edge

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I just read this: :frantics:

...and now, potatoes are milk

As odd as it may sound, Waitrose named potato milk a trending product for 2022 in their recent year-end annual projection. Although, honestly, it shouldn’t be too surprising at this point – even your nearest bodega is probably stocking soy, almond, oat, rice, cashew, and even pistachio milk these days. We would be wise to keep an eye out, and an open mind towards new and surprising innovations in plant milk and other products. 

and this:

Potato milk is low in sugar and saturated fat, so a healthy alternative to cow's milk for those following plant-based diets. According to Waitrose' Food and Drink Report 2121-22, the new milk drink is set to dominate coffee shop menus in the coming months.


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5 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

Don't tempt @Randomguy!  His principle of only drinking animal milk pulls him strongly in the direction of taking you up on your offer!  If he can't have human female breast milk, the next best option might just be Dottles' milk!

I drink a finite selection of the other stuff, but it sure ain't milk.

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Two women in a supermarket introduced me to Almond milk for cereal when I couldn't find 2% or 1% milk during the pandemic last year.

It's better for diabetics than cow's milk.

I haven't used it for anything else, but it's great for cereal and I'm going to try it with oatmeal.

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