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Why have we been Canadian Cycling for so long?


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14 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I think it's because the exchange rate to go back to Square Wheels Cycling or American Cycling is so unfavorable.

And besides, there's that whole metric-to-imperial units reconversion thing, too.

Exactly. Way way WAY more effort than us average Americans are willing to put forth.

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10 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

I think for metric time we would have to speed up the earth’s rotation because in metric time there is only ten hours in a day and 100 minutes in an hour.

So, would speeding up the rotation increase the gravitational pull or reduce it? I'm all for it if is an easy way to lose 50 lb, but if we get it spinning too fast, we might all fly off into space.

 I don't think that would be good.

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Well, it's Winter and Canadian Winters are long.

Maybe it's because we're waiting to hear what are Polack jokes in the USA that, in Canada, go like this:

A Newfie lumberjack goes into a hardware store and says, "What do you have that will let me cut trees down faster?"

The salesman sells him a chainsaw.

A week later, the Newfie returns to the store and says, "I want my money back. This thing works a lot slower than a hand saw."

The salesman replies, "Let's see what's wrong," pulls the cord and starts the chainsaw.

The Newfie asks, "What's that noise?"


When I joined Phi Kappa Pi fraternity at the U. of Toronto, my brothers would tell me Newfie joke after Newfie joke - including that one - and wonder how I always knew the punchline: until I admitted they were all Polack jokes I'd already heard in the USA.

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On 12/30/2021 at 10:10 AM, Philander Seabury said:

He did not like Newfie jokes!

The Newf's throw the insults right back.  I was teasing a good friend from Newfoundland once and he says " Well, tis true the French were throwing bombs over the wall of St John's fort but it was us Newf's that was lighting the fuses and throwing them back".  :) 

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