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How much noise does your belly make ?


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My stomach is pretty quiet but a little gurgle after a big mug of water. 😄

Gina's stomach rumbles, gurgle, moans so much it sounds like it's forming words of multiple syllables. 😆

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Right now lots. We start every new year with a fast. It’s restrictive but not difficult. We eat fruits, veggies and legumes. This year we decided to start with three days of nothing but CB lear liquid, sans coffee. Its been almost 30 hours since I’ve eaten anything. Not really hungry, just noisy.😁

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On 12/30/2021 at 8:21 PM, Further said:

Mine grumbles and squeaks a good bit. My wife says I need to feed it, I think it just old and grumbling

What say you ? 

I as in this meeting a bunch of years ago, and I totally disrupted it with a clif bar. Epic.

Afterward, some were complaining about my stomach and the wrapper.  

I mean , Give me a break.  I rode to work.  It was an early meeting.  That was back when the ride was even farther than what I do now.  I think it was 10 miles one way. It was the perfect distance for that time in my life.  I was stronger.  :D

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