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Meat cake with peanut butter, sunflower seeds and beef lard


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2 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

That fat got rendered down.  I mixed in some PB, cornmeal and sunflower seeds.  I just left the meat bit cracklins in the beef fat and formed a cake with that.

Before anyone freaks out about putting a meat cake out in the yard, ths cake will be gone in one day.  I have watched two woodpeckers on it already this morning.  :D  I don't have to worry about it going bad or attracking rodents.  i put it out this am, and I exoect it to be gone by 3.

Downy woodpecker on it now.  

But you might at track Big Foot. 

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Just now, Dirtyhip said:

He lives over in the Mountains of Ashland.  Many more trees over there.

Too smart for the trap though.  He has never been caught.

Well then feed the birds with no worries. 

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11 minutes ago, Old No. 7 said:

We put out a second suet cake yesterday. I bought seed for the feeder as well. All the birds like our branch pile; it’s like a condo building. 


We had a huge slash pile.  The wildlife loved it.  My man mulched it.  I made a new one.  

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