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Damn, look out below.


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My 89 year old mom lives alone in a bungalow with a basement. She has been getting noticeably less stable on her legs lately, so arrangements have been made to get her help for things that require going the stairs. She does not go to the basement any more unless there is someone there to go with her, and she has a neighbor girl to do the laundry for her.

 We got her a Lifeline fall alert a couple of years ago, so that gives us some peace of mind.

 However, my brothers and I are in the process of figuring out ways to get her more support so she can stay in the home she loves for as long as she can. The second oldest who just retired last year is floating the idea of selling his current house and buying hers and moving in with her.

 I love this idea for several reasons, and I do hope it happens.

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