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This just seemed funny to me at 5:00 am


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Everytime I see chemical controls for water systems, I think of a guy named Bob I went to school with at IIT.

He was one of the Ph.D candidates at IIT in 1974, was a couple years farther along than me, married, and needed more income than the $325 ($1700 in now money) a month tax free we were getting as scholarship/Teaching Assistant grad students.

So he got a part-time job at the just completed Sears Tower in Chicago, then the tallest building in the world, regulating the fluids that flowed through pipes in the building for heat, water-service, etc.

The previous people had screwed up the system so bad - acidic water going through metal pipes, etc. - that he arrived just in time to get it all straightened out: plus a raise to keep his mouth shut about how poor prior management had almost caused millions in damages.

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37 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

I guess chlorine isn't all that good inside the body. Is this for getting chlorine out of the water supply?

Chlorine reacts very badly with red blood cells.  We have a primary and secondary carbon scrubber that eliminate chlorine from the water.

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Those X’s in the tail lights of Jeeps made me think of cartoon characters for many years after they came out. I recently researched it and found out that is an homage to the Xs on the Jerry cans that army jeeps carried. I love knowing the reason for weird or everyday things that seem unusual.  :D


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