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Old No. 7

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4 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

It was 7 degrees on my way in to work this morning..21 degrees now..a heatwave.

It's 46° in Starke FL. at the moment with a high in the mid 60s tomorrow. 

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18 hours ago, Old No. 7 said:

Seven inches of wet snow today.

How are your trees holding up?

I haven't walked too far with the pup, but the trees in my hood are still heavily weighed down by snow/ice.  I'm betting a few will break.

On our conference call with folks all over the DC area, several have been dealing with power outages. Mostly the MD folks, but the general area all got this heavy stuff.

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Our big trees are holding up fine. We had a small pine snap ten feet up and fall onto the street. We cut it up and moved it to the edge of the yard. Sun is melting the snow off of the branches today.

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