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3 minutes ago, jsharrwick said:

sucks.  Spent most of yesterday in a recliner in our bedroom very close to the master bath.   I feel like I need to do something special for our poor toilet after yesterday.  Maybe a sloth toilet seat cover?

Took today off as well, as I still feel a bit "depleted".  On a diet of saltines and pedialyte today.

I TOLD you not to go on a cruise at this time of year!

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1 hour ago, BuffJim said:

I’m under the weather today. I came home. In this environment, sticking it out at the office is frowned upon. BuffCarla’s cousin will drive her home. 

Feels like a mild cold, but I know there’s a variant going around that feels like a mild cold. If it persists tomorrow I’ ll try to get tested. My daughter got her positive test results today. She sounds like she’s getting better now. 

Whether it’s a mild cold or other virus, my lungs may struggle. They’ve been bad since Thanksgiving, and not looking forward to them getting worse. 

I felt like I had a cold or allergies.  Got chills early on.  Biggest difference was the extreme headaches and I would get very tired very easily

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