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Sweet! Seat is too low, but it'll work :D

Several years ago, a woman who was a cyclist/tri-gal was moving, and she put a Specialized road bike out at the curb with a ton of other moving trash.  I saw it when I came home, and went with my gut - "Ask the wife first!" - before grabbing it.  Oops - by the time she said, "Whatever", it was gone.  I talked to another neighbor and she was happy as a clam as SHE had grabbed the bike.  

I've never seen her ride it, but I still see it hanging in the garage. :(

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13 hours ago, ChrisL said:

 Assuming we aren’t both quarantined I plan to give it to her tomorrow. 


Will this give you enough time to buy the streamers?

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My MTB is a Rockhopper from the same era, and I consider it one of the best purchases I have ever made - solid and problem-free (aside from problems I caused :whistle: ).  Great bike.  She will love it - kudos to you.

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