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Another notch on the belt

Mr. Beanz

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So 5,6 years ago, they said I was type 2. Doc said I could do meds or exercise and watch what I eat. I hate taking meds of any kind.  

I dropped 50 pounds and that put my leather belt from notch 2 to notch 4. I only rode about 3,000 miles that year. 

2021, I tried to eat right doing pretty well but not super strict. But I rode 5,000 miles.

Put my same belt on the other day and to my surprise. Belt notch #5!!!😄😃😄

I got the belt in 2009 and this is the only time I've gotten to #5.

Must be the riding.  Shorts are snug on my thighs but the leg grips are getting baggy around my knees.  😄

I hope it's the riding and not just that I'm getting some shrinkage in my old age. 😆😁😆

I do love riding my bike,  though! 😄



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So, have you had any blood sugar tests since?

When I went from 294 lb to 229 lb in a year+, I stopped taking on the meds my doc prescribed because it causes a gain of water weight.  My A1c came in a little high- in the 8's, but because I was steadily losing weight he said that was the better option than resuming the other med.

I also learned that losing fat in did NOT simply mean cutting calories, it requires a certain minimum of exercise!

There was a guy on PBS for a while in the 90's who did research at MIT named Covert Bailey who determined that if you don't get a minimum amount of exercise, your body stops producing the biochemicals that transport and burn fat for energy, so cutting calories along with very occasional exercise leads to mostly burning sugars (from carbs) and getting rid of fat is almost impossible.  That's apparently related to insulin resistance and the cause of the "slow metabolism" some people think they have.  His research has been backed up since then by the ongoing Harvard Medical School Nurses Study, which looks at exercise vs weight and health.

Here's what he says, in his book Smart Exercise, that should be done at least 3x per week to trigger the body into creating the biochemicals that will burn fat instead of focusing on burning sugars (from carbs). In other words, if you don't spend the indicated time for each exercise each time you do it, you're not going to trigger your body to burn fat and to get fitter. Likewise, the Harvard Medical School Nurses Study found that nurses who only rode bikes for 15 minutes at a time did NOT benefit from riding a bike, but those who rode longer times did.

129916994_p100(1of3).JPG.d4f1ff98c947550eb3eac6ae0faa39f1.JPG 922134739_SmartExerciseCovertBailey.jpg.1fd73016d23096a5c9c2de34402b7735.jpg

After I dropped to 229, I had a hip problem, leg problem, ankle problem, major shoulder surgery and got lazy, didn't exercise much, and stopped watching my weight.

The need for meds increased but I no longer have the water-weight-gain med.

Now I'm committed to getting back down to at least 239 (overweight but not obese for 6'3") and hope my sugar levels do well.

But I know I've got to get in a least 2 miles of walking or cycling at least 3x per week!

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