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What kind of fan are you?

Square Wheels

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I like watching hockey and football.  I also watch a little cycling and other miscellaneous sports.

I have no idea what a player's college record was like, or even if they went to college.

I don't care about the history of the team or how certain plays develop.

I don't understand half of the penalties that are handed out.


I enjoy watching as an uneducated fan.  I feel this allows me to be a lot less stressed.  If my team wins, great, if they don't, oh well.  It's just a game.

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I'm not much of a fan of sports anymore.  My boyhood team that I loved most left town in the middle of the night and deserted me forever.  I no longer really GAS about any professional sports teams.  They are all just a bunch of mercenaries; players, coaches and owners included, that have no real loyalty to their fan base or the city/area that they supposedly represent.   :angry:

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I watch but I feel like my life's too busy to be so invested in sports.  People ask me about trades and other stuff and I have no idea.


In the past I paid more attention - but what did all that sitting around watching games get me?  Wasted time.  


But - when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, during the "18-1" season..... I really was affected by that.  That actually might have been what made me realize I was putting too much energy into it.

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I watch hockey, baseball and a little bit of soccer.  

Football gets on my nerves.

I wish college sports would just go away.  

I go to maybe one hockey game and one baseball game a year.

I like watching the play develop in hockey.


Mr. Silly, how'd you like that hockey game last night.  Who did the Wings beat?

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