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Do you know how much sugar is in your food?


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There's more and more sugar in everything.

The Baby Ray's BBQ sauce has about 3x that of the excellent homemade sauce I make for 3 lbs of ribs that only needs 2 tbsp brown sugar.

If you walk down a supermarket cereal aisle, the Nutrition Info on the box doesn't tell you the %age of sugar, but it will something like 28 g per serving and 7g of sugar and 7/28 is 25%.

Almost ALL the cereals are 25% of more sugar.  I like original Cheerios (5% sugar) and if I want a sweet cereal, Harris-Teeter Honey Oat Cluster Crunch with Almonds which is 17% sugar, but at least only 2/3 what 95% of the others are.

Even potato chips are now "Honey Barbeque" that used to "Barbeque."

Etc. Etc.

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13 hours ago, Randomguy said:

Just saw this and thought it was interesting.  I make my own pasta sauce (sugarless, doncha know), and I haven't bought yogurt in a while, but now I am thinking about it.

My wife makes the pasta sauce, and I eat TJs greek yogurts in my muesli morning mix.  Neither are where I get most of my sugar - that's from hot chocolate and/or candy bars!

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