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Well..its warmed up..time to head for home.


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18 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Depending on who you believe..it is either 0 or 1 degree...:cheerleader:

Thanks!  Reading about the temperatures in the Upper Midwest makes 17° mornings feel warmer here!

At 7 am, I went out on the back porch to dump my overflowing, recyclables, kitchen trash can into the outside bin alongside the porch, wearing shorts and a tee shirt - I only planned to be outside a matter of seconds.

But two plastic bottles missed the bin (we're not allowed to put trash bags in recycling bins) and I had to walk to the bottom of the porch steps and pick them up. It was windy and I had to chase a rolling bottle for 20 feet.

It took a couple minutes to feel warm again when I got back inside.

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