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They are eating the place


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One year we rented a log cabin at canoe creek state park. Some peckerhead was pecking on a log right over our bed. I went out and checked and he was about halfway through the log. I sprayed the hole down with insect repellant and he quit pecking on it while we were there. I told the park ranger about it when we were leaving.

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2 hours ago, Airehead said:

Looks like woodpecker to me. 


My mother in law owned a home that had a metal chimney cap.  A woodpecker developed the habit of drumming on the metal. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!  Early in the morning.  As in 6am.  I guess the thought it was a lot better at advertising his territory than any old tree.  I had to make a cover out of 1/4" hardware cloth and rivet to the cap to keep him from getting to it.

If it is a wood pecker, he might be attracted to the sign for the same reason - that it resonates a lot more loudly than a log or a tree.  You may have to protect it in a similar way to keep the woodpecker away from it.

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Do the woodpeckers detect worms, etc in wood before they peck or are they guessing and hoping because they haven't been able to find what the normally did out and eat?

I haven't had any problems with woodpeckers, but my last house was loved by carpenter bees.


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