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My last Moultree trail cam died.


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For quite a while this was my gold standard camera (model M50) for shooting night pics of the critters out back.  It was not one of the new "no glow" or "low glow" cameras and it shot some very clear and well lit still pics.  I've had less luck with the low glow versions with led flash units that operate on a lower frequency IR so the animals (and camera thieves) don't see as much flash if any.  Unfortunately after several years of use the on off/mode slide switch gave up.

Our go to video camera has been the newer Gardepro E3 which did have low glow led illumination.

To make the story shorter I just purchased a new Gardepro E5s which based on performance specs is much better than the E3 and still under $70.  This is womaxx's hobby and I have to keep her happy.


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13 minutes ago, jdc2000 said:

Any way to replace the switch?


Probably but it's a 4 position slide switch inside a water proof case that has no screws.  IMO it's time to replace it with a new one that has far better picture quality, but perhaps not quite as much ir flash range.  We operate the video cam (E3) much closer to the animals than we used to and it has good illumination for video even though the still pics aren't quite as good.  Hopefully the E5s model is better still.

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