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Christmas Dinner and Presents done for 2021


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With our COVID sufferer completely recovered, we had Christmas Dinner today.

I ended up with a pair of ear buds - which will be useful when mowing the lawn - in our Christmas White Elephant Game.

The clothes steamer I brought was stolen three times after my sister-in-law said to her father who first won it, "Great gift! I use one every day!"

Grace (in front of the Christmas tree below), out family's 22 year-old hottie, was in love with the Polish stuffed cabbage I made and asked her mother to get the recipe from me and cook it for her.

It was a hit all around- as were the venison steaks we also ate along with several side veggies.

I brought 26 stuffed "piggies" for 10 people that completely filled this 6 qt Instant Pot Inner Pot to the rim and 1 1/2 were left at the end of the evening.  I ate 3 and a big venison steak.  I didn't eat lunch so I think I ended up ok with my diet.

20220108_174112_900p.jpg.bc7b7c2d4654d66fe4194ec9712a0846.jpg 20220108_211147_900p.jpg.adbe20bd9d1d900a41d3d250d2ef993c.jpg

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On 1/9/2022 at 6:58 AM, Airehead said:

Who got that taco,sign?

My nephew got the taco sign from his father, my brother, who is the asst. manager of a state roads warehouse where they make street signs and had someone do a "Government Job."

The nephew's screen name on his gaming sites is Taco Apocalypse - I have no clue why he picked it.

So he got "Taco Apocalypse Ct." and "Gamer Way."  Dad also got him a new monitor - for some reason two of them work better than one.

I got him a gooseneck microphone and a small shelf that fits under his two monitors with 6" inches of shelf space.

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