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I've only been occasionally looking at Vancouver BC. Some major damage  around VAncouver's shoreline, beaches.

B.C. coastal communities assess damage, look to future after King tides, extreme weather wreak havoc | CBC News

Below is an area of the Seawall path..a very popular bike-ped route in Stanley Park..an area we used to cycle often. In different years, it was daily for me: Vancouver seawall damaged as high tides, winds pummel B.C.'s South Coast | CBC News  The whole  bike route by the ocean, leads up into Univer. of BC campus.

Stanley Park seawall unrecognizable after wind and flood damage (PHOTOS) | Urbanized (dailyhive.com)

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On 1/9/2022 at 2:52 PM, sheep_herder said:

Any mention of the folks rescued from the ice floe near Green Bay or the new flooding around Seattle?

I just read the headline and summary - there were 34 fishermen on the ice floe that broke off from shore.

They were all rescued and I didn't see any mention of injuries.

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