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So, do you have tattoos of your favorite beer on you?


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These three guys came up to the tiki bar at North Beach Grill.  I was slurping down my usual PBR.  They ordered PBRs.  They asked how long I had been drinking PBRs.  Rather than saying a few minutes, I said, since I started drinking.  One of them turns around (he has a tank top on), and shows me two tattoos he has, one on each shoulder blade.  PBR tall boys.  Excellently done.  One guy has an airbrushed t-shirt on with a really cool PBR tall boy on it, and 'Bad Bob' across the top.  During our conversation one of the other guys asks 'Bad Bob' if he remembers the time when such-and-such happened.  'Bad Bob' says Nope.  That's when I was in prison.  The third guy had on a Jimmy Buffett t-shirt and wasn't saying much.  I think he was the keeper of the other two.  :whistle:  Anyway, they were a hoot, but I had to go to Bingo, so I had to leave before they really got wound up.  But, they're staying at the campground down the road, so if I hear sirens tonight, I know who it is.    :P  

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