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Sometimes you forget articles of clothing


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3 hours ago, Dirtyhip said:

...and sometimes you bring two extra of those.  No idea why I have extra. 


I blame aggressive velcro.  It causes many problems.  :D

When I'm outside I take layers - 2-3 shirts of various thicknesses - or a choice of light, medium, and thick jackets.  When I get to a trail, if I'm not just a little cold after I get out of the car, I know I'm going to be overheated after I begin moving - unless there's a strong breeze - and dress accordingly.

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When cycle commuting to work, I seemed to forget 1 business piece of clothing /yr.  

One yr. it was pants. So walked around at work ...in walking shorts the whole day. (Another incentive to keep your legs in good shape. :D )

While another yr., it was a business top.  So I wore my cycling jersey at meeting and in office.

Thankfully, I'm at a point in my career, actually wearing this might make me look younger/hip.  

Could I do a group presentation for an hr. in shorts and not worry?  Sure. If I walk around in shorts in a store...easy enough others to see me.

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