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I Solve Problems 😌

Mr. Beanz

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Too funny. Visiting my MIL, turns out she has a termite problem in her shower and can't figure out from where they are entering to litter her shower floor. 

I take a look figuring they could be coming from the ceiling corner or maybe a crack, or hole. I look at the critters on the shower floor.  Long thin brown bugs. Look more like roaches to me. I lift the mat to see if they're under the mat.

Well darn. There are cone like shaped brushes/holes on the bottom of the mat. Some kind of design to help the mat stick and drain. 

It was actually the little rubber bristles breaking off while being stepped on. I solved her termite problem within 5 minutes and only cost the price of a new shower mat.😆

THEN, her toilet tank running every 5 minutes.  She had her handy man install a new toilet tank fixture flushing thing. Not sure of the proper term. 

Been that way for 4 months. 😲 

She said she was going to buy new hardware and have him put in another.  I took my hand,  pushed down on the flapper and it went silent.  

She pulls the packaging out from the cabinet. I take a look and the guy never replaced the flapper. It was a little tricky to get off but the new one was super easy to install. 

I removed the old existing flapper only to see the rubber had big air blisters along the edge and falling apart.  4 months and the main reason she had him install a new fixture was because the water kept running the way it did. 

She wanted to buy ANOTHER fixture but I convinced her that it was just the flapper. 

She had the solution the entire time in her cabinet. And what kind of handy man replaces the fixture and doesn't listen or test it?  Or, replace the flapper with the new one from the start since it's included in the kit?

Wow, some people are too much but att least my MIL thinks I'm a genius now.😄😃😄

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24 minutes ago, Bikeguy said:

Isn't water kind of expensive out west? 

Good job...  

Yeah,  I don't understand why she'd let it go 😕 

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