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Do you have any "can't miss" TV shows?

Road Runner

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You will not like any of mine, 'cause you will think they are stoopid. :(


But never being one to let things like that stop me, here are a few.  Keep in mind that these are really my wife's since she won control of the remote ages ago - it was sort of like the Falklands War, with me being Argentina :D  Note also that anything that starts at 10:00 PM or later is not in consideration.


1. The Middle - I have always of course liked the janitor from Scrubs, but mainly it is Patricia Heaton's show with her scrambled, worn-out but lovable mother character.  It is one of the many "Wonder Years" derivatives.  It is a cute, light-hearted real-life action version of the Simpsons.  I like the digs at family dysfunction. :)


2. The Goldbergs.  - A Jewish Wonder Years,  I have always liked Jeff (Garvey? Garmin?) since Curb Your Enthusiasm. :D  And the mom, from Reno 911, is both hot and funny and scary.  Man, Reno 911 was one effed-up show!  :D


3. Modern Family - I came late to it, but it has a few hot babes and good comedy.  I also enjoy ensemble casts.


That is aboot it for now. 


On those rare nights when my wife is out, I like "Fast and Loud". :)  Also American Pickers - those guys are cool. :)  And the occasional Pawn Stars.

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I can miss any shows because I pretty much pvr anything I think I'll watch. The shows I mostly watch are cooking competition shows, and Dragon's Den, which is what Shark Tank in the States tried to copy and failed miserably

I'm not sure I want to know how you pvr everything. Sounds like TMI.

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