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Feast & Fury : Austin, TX you deliver!


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I just got my second bag of these today.  Wasn't sure I like them the first time around -- but now I'm convinced they are the greatest chips on the planet. @jsharrwick I don't care what their political orientation is -- Austin makes good music and bitchin' chips.

May be an image of food and text that says 'FEAST da & FURY CRAFT POTATO P CHIPS SMOKY GHOST PEPPER AUSTIN TEXAS NET WT. 5OZ. MNO VERIFI nongnopr'



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9 hours ago, Oppressed Pig said:

The spicy ketchup and horseradish intrigue me.  I can't do uber hot stuff though.  I was born too far north for that. :) 

The horseradish was delicious.  I tried the hickory habanero and was not impressed.  The ghost pepper was very hot but I thought very good.


I definitely want to try the spicy ketchup.  I haven't seen those in stores so this fat man is going to order some online.

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1 hour ago, jsharrwick said:

I am a Lays man.  Eating chips is about the only way I get lay'ed anymore.

I got more than I asked for.  But then I supposed I asked for it.  Wait?  Wut?

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