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Have you turned your heat on yet?

Road Runner

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Not yet.  Few houses have A/C up here, but I bought a portable one that I brought out. I don't think it's been on for about a month either. I think we can hold out a few more weeks, it hasn't gotten that cold yet. Hoping to make it to Nov like you.

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Well...my windows are still open and I have not turned my heat on...but it is on in the building...so all I have to do is turn it on when I decide I am cold...hope the doofus maintenance guy doesn't put the garage heaters on 80 again like he did last year....Duh  they are emergency back up heaters for when it is -40 for  a week or two at a time...and not designed to heat the garage to 80....I don't keep my apartment that warm.  He thought it would heat the cement slab that is our floor  :rolleyes:   His elevator doesn't quite go to the top...what can I say...

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For the past number of years I have kept the heat off until late November. I turn it off some time in the second half of April. The first week and the last two weeks can get a bit cool in the house, but that's a good excuse to wear a sweater and drink lots of tea.

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