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My Spouse is awesome.


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28 minutes ago, Kirby said:

I suspect you also do some very nice things for her or she may not have suggested it.

We do well by each other most days. She knows my love of hockey and how much I love in person games before Covid I usually bought half-season tickets from a STM but haven't been to a game since. As much as I love sitting two or three rows from the boards, there really isn't a bad seat in the house. At $18 bucks I could get the terrace or boards, all based on what's open. I like those odds.

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3 hours ago, goldendesign said:

See exhibit A and B

Exhibit A 

Both "Florida" teams have the highest GP and points in the whole league, not just division.

Oh and Exhibit B
Tampa Bay Lightning on Twitter: "BRING. IT. OUT. 🏆  https://t.co/w07PAnBjNC" / Twitter

I don’t think anyone missed the obvious point. The Sabres are poised to make a climb right to the top. 

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