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How is that big pain-in-the-ass thing coming along?


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I think the bosses always think they are the smart ones, since they are on top of the heap.


True but the good ones listen, mine know everything.  She's wants to roll out a global application with users in multiple divisions.  It is a SharePoint app.  Basically it is a notification system where the folks downstream report issues to the folks upstream. 


There is no documentation.  The types of issues to be managed by the site isn't defined.  There is nothing that says something like, “could you change the toner cartridge?” is appropriate or not. 


There is no documentation.  There is any formal acceptance from the folks upstream apart from an "oh, that sounds intriguing".  She takes a comment like that as meaning; “This is the greatest thing since sliced bread”. 


There is no documentation, I have no idea how many people will be using it.  I don’t even know how many activities.  My guess is we’ll have over 500 users. 


There is no documentation so there is no support model.  If the person upstream doesn’t feel the need to respond to the issue I don’t know what the issuer will do.  I suspect they’ll contact me.  This is why I want to keep a low profile.  I don’t want 100 people asking me way people aren’t responding and another 100 people asking why they’re getting these notifications.


There is no documentation which brings us back to the issue of scope again.  We had a meeting where one of the people she is targeting as a user said, “we usually have a supplier to manage these issues because there are too many for us to manage”.  We are not prepared to roll this to folks outside the fire wall.  This also means the internal customer already had a solution to the problem and this app will be perceived as additional work to them.


I’ve managed plenty of IT projects and been involved in other ways many times before.  Launching a global app the way you’d install a new game on your X-Box, “Launch and Learn”, is a disaster… always.

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well, the electric guitar is starting to come back to life.

I ordered a wired pickup guard which arrived last night.  I had to trim it a bit to get it to fit the guitar.  Tonight I need to use the chisels to make the space just a little bit bigger for the pots and the switch. We're talking millimeters here.....I'll also need to drill new holes since the holes in this plate don't line up with the old one.  Anyway, it should be completed tonight.

Then I can annoy the neighbors again

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