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Sunday Ride Report & Video (10/20/13)

Mr. Beanz

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There is a reason I posted this episode on the video. All day long we had riders hop our wheels as we rode by. Then they  would suck wheel and then sprint around looking back like Lance to Jan in the TDF. Funny that one guy earlier in the ride stared down Gina as if he thought she was taking food from his kids ha ha! I'm not sure why guys in nice kits with nice bikes are so insecure about getting passed by a woman. This happened 3 times with 5 different guys on this ride. The last dude, I said fugget, I'm recording this so they can see how silly they look! If you have read my stuff before, you'd know that I have often claim and comment how different the attitude is of the climbers on mountain roads. They are all encouraging. You can do it You go girl! Whereas the flatlanders all want to race and bat Gina ha ha!
This happened all day long but near the coast we approach another guy. He too is looking back at us and trying not to get caught. again, I don't understand this. A ride or group of riders catches you from far behind, but when they catch up, all of a sudden you are in a blink of an eye faster? So we roll by this dude and as Gina reaches his side in the pas she picks up the pace forcing her to remain in oncoming traffic. So I have to pick it up a bit so she can complete her pass. OK good he's at the end of the line, we can move back to the right for safety.
Of course a couple minutes late he passes me. OK, what are the chances of staying ahead of a rider that passes you from waaaaaay back? He passes and as you can see in my video, I know we're going to pass him again in a bit.  Sure enough we roll back up on him and then he increases his pace once again. now I know we can't pass safely so I just back off a bit. He roll off in his glory BUT...he's fading again and we're catching up AGAIN! OK chance are that when we pull up he will lift his pace again.
Yup! We roll up and he picks it up. So I figure I'm staying on his side this time since we are now close to the coast and the end of the trail. I plan to let him fade then when he fades, we'll smoke him in a blaze of glory of our own ha ha! So I can see that he can no longer lift the pace so I start spinning faster and lift the pace myself. I look back and he can't even hang on the back but he's trying like a mad man. Gina's looking good so I continue the pace and as he's 20-30 yards back, I shift into smoking gear and quickly increase the gap. I'm pretty much tickled at this point knowing Gina could smoke his butt as well, on a bad day.
Of course some say it's all imaginary but when we reached the coast, Jose asked, "what was up with that guy?". I dunno, he wanted to play games or maybe he was upset that he got passed by a girl. He wanted to play the game so we played ha ha!  Jose said "yeah, he should be embarrassed cause of the way he was acting and even Gina smoked his ass."
Other than that, a beautiful day and the hot chicks are still out! An image from the video but really lacks the swaying motion of reality. Guess you had to be there!
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