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The ProportionFit Diet


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Anything that has the word 'diet' associated with it is some kind of scam, IMO.


If you want portion control, practice portion control. Diets by definition are temporary. Eat right and do it regularly and avoid anything that has the word 'diet' attached to it.

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Every year or two, a new big diet plan comes along, but until there are long-lasting changes to one's eating habits, the diet plans cannot bring about any permanent changes.

Good information is out there. The difficult part is realizing this is going to be something for the long term, not something for a matter of weeks or months.

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I'm convinced losing weight is really this simple, although eating less is not as simple as I'd wish.

I really need to think aboot "No food tastes as good as being fit feels" when I reach for the figurative Krispy Kremes, to use a Biker Billyism. :D  Sort of like taping a picture of a weight-challenged person to your fridge door. :)  Or maybe better yet, to frame it as a positive, a fit person, preferably a chick. :D

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