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Traded an old frame for a new frame. UB is a hell of a dude. Anyways, the new bike is built up somewhat. Needs a new brake cable on the rear (i bought one with the wrong end on it). Shifters work (had to order a braze on FD in place of the clamp on). Need to put the new bar tape on it and tune it a little. I moved the 105 groupset from the old roadie to this frame. Need to get my lighter wheelset back from the person that borrowed it and put it on. But this is bordering on a dream bike for me.

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And flip the stem over...

gotta figure that out.  The reach seems a bit long right now.  I'll have to see how it is once I get the saddle right and then decide what to do with the stem. Might be able to just drop a spacer or two on the steerer and call it good?  Might just stay where it is now.

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