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Twenty or two thousand

Square Wheels

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Which do you say for the year?


Before this century I always said nineteen_xx.


Then when it was 2000 you couldn't simply say twenty or twenty zero, so I said two thousand.


I kept doing it that way all through the single digit years, but now I am a mixed mess of years.  Sometimes it's twenty-fourteen, sometimes it's two thousand fourteen.


I feel so conflicted.


Krazy, what would you do?

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I said two thousand for the single digit years, now it is always twenty-xx.  I never say two thousand and fourteen, just like I never referred to 1999 as one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine..  I only ever referred to it as nineteen-ninety-nine (or that really bad tv show)

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Ebola is real (the Other Place not so much) and it really worries me.  I read too much Stephen King growing up.  I need the distraction.  Plus I never post anything of substance.


The Other Place worries be too.  The Ebola, not so much.  Glad we agree.  Stephen King, not my favorite.  Posts of substance, if we wanted that we would be posting in the JAMA forums or The OG.

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I created a Y2K calendar for 2000. The days of the week were Sundak, Mondak, Tuesdak, Wednesdak, Thursdak, Fridak and Saturdak. The months were Januark, Februark, March April Mak, June Julk, August, September, October, November and December.


I don't think it did a whole lot of good, but I followed the Y2K instructions and changed Y to K every time it appeared on the calendar.

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I say it both ways - maybe depending on how much caffein I've had  :dontknow:


Twenty fourteen ……  Two thousand fourteen. 


Who cares?  We have The Ebola and The Other Place to worry about.


Quit trying to distract us.


The other place is nothing to worry about.




20  14

Conserve those syllables.

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For 2014 I'll say two thousand fourteen. If we were living 100 years into the future, I'd probably say twenty-one fourteen. (I'd also be an extremely old person 100 years from now, but that's another matter.)


If we were 100 years into the future, it's quite likely I'd give the year in Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi or Mandarin at that point. Each of those languages has its own conventions for speaking year numbers. 

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