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Invasion of the LF


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Define invasion?  If we are all going to try and post positive thoughts at the same time and give their place a boost, I'm in.  If it's an attack, I'm out.


How is posting positive thoughts and giving their place a boost at all the least bit funny?  It's no wonder they hate you over there.   :huh:

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Don't call me a wussy. An invasion just seems immature.

Besides, there is hardly anyone there, besides AAE.

That and you have to deal with that software.

Posting here on my phone is far better than even trying to deal with that crap forum software.
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count me out... I still talk to a few over there through facebook, and never step foot in that place because of a few others.. I like my life enough not to stoop to their level of crap slinging and poo flinging.


It didn't look like there were any political discussions and I thought that was a pleasant change.

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Thank you, King Termite. 


It's important for those of us on this forum to define ourselves by who and what we are. This is beginning to happen and this forum is taking on its own special character.


Any invasion of another forum is an attempt to define ourselves by who we are not, and that never ends well.

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The forum bullies just got worse over time.  The crappy new format just made it easier to make the change.  Their forum now works better than this one for me.  Some day I'll have to try to sort out what's up with this one.  It won't let me quote people or post links anymore.


Tell me more about the issues you have.  Mobile, desktop, PC / Mac, what OS.

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