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Monday Night Football


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Being a Bucs fan, last nights game was more of vindication than any excitement for Eli finally pulling off a win.


The Bucs offensive line needs some serious help no doubt about it but Freeman has been a party boy loser for TB. Hitting the clubs on the Friday/Saturday before games and then sucking it up on the field with terrible accuracy, miss managed plays, and general shit quarterbacking. Watching the mess the vikings called an offense led by Freeman was fun.



What say you??



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To be fair, Freeman has not had time to become comfortable in the Viking's system, and so has not developed any chemistry with the receivers or feel for the timing.  But the coach of the Vikings is another story.  Seriously, you have one of the best running backs in the history of football, and you decide that then new quarterback should do a lot of throwing downfield?  New quarterback just trying to digest the playbook, you give it to the back or dump it off on short routes until the defense keys, then take a shot here and there on footrace routes and hope to catch them offguard or at least keep them honest.  I just don't understand.


On the other hand, go Giants.  Gotta get that first win, you know.

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