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Good.  I went to the gym last night, got home, had some left over T bone steak and broiled new potatos, helped Ryan do a homework project on Texas history and Indian names, took some Alka Seltzer night time cold and flu medicine (not Ebola I hope) and slept from before 10 pm until after 5 am!  


Boys got up nicely this AM and off to school and I was in the office by shortly after 8 and about to start on payable for Friday meeting with boss.

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Hope you feel better Jsharr. Glad the morning went smoothly for you.

I feel much better this AM.  I am just hungry.  Was going to stop for a bite to eat on the way to the office and got a call that email was down so I headed straight here to fix a problem that did not exist....  Now I am HUNGRY

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That song is very good, I hadn't heard it before. I hope it gets more airplay.


If so, then I shall answer the implied barb. See, the beauty of my life is that I don't listen to poultry radio stations nor do I (other than the little I post here ) participate in 'social media'. I've seen the movie Frozen once. That's where I heard the song first. And I've listened to it a couple times on you tube. Soooo, it's not nbern over played in my world. ;-)
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