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Why are people compared to chickens?

Square Wheels

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I'm not talking grandmothers


That's why we call chicks "chicks"


short for chicken, which was an old derogatory term used before the digital age


of course if you are talking to one of those "don't call me a chick" chicks, you have to call her something else


that's why we have the words "bitch" and "ho"


in case we have to talk to a feminist who doesn't like being called a chick for some reason


I mean, it takes all kinds and we have to be flexible

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I have heard people compared to cows, pigs, snakes, birds, sharks, barracudas, cougars, beavers, squirrels, rats, cats , dogs, cockroaches, vermin, etc.,etc.  


Just about everything that walks, crawls, or swims.  What is special about comparing someone to a chicken?   :huh:

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