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Hey Chopped_Liver...


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So last week I tried a new green coffee source. A local mom & pop roaster that sells their coffee at the local (Redmond) Farmer's Market. I've bought cups from there many times and love their coffee. Last year I asked them about green beans, but they said they didn't sell the green beans. This year I mentioned roasting and they said they sell green beans now.


Anyway....I thought it would be nice to try these local peeps for a green bean source. I'm not sure how it will work in the long run. They don't have a store front and aren't so close that I'd just pop over to pick up.


Anyway....just saying that I'm trying a new source.


I got the green beans and roasted last weekend. I'm now trying some Mexican beans. I've never had Mexican beans before. Either they never had them at SM or I didn't try when they did. HOLY COW! These beans are wonderful!! If you get the chance to try some Mexican beans, give them a shot.

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