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Parr8hed's vacation

Road Runner

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Parr8 comes back from his vacation and is chatting at the water cooler with his friend Dave.

Dave: So, Parr8, I understand you went to Alabama for your summer vacation. Did you do anything interesting?

Parr8: Yeah Dave, I went up in a hot air balloon. I’d always dreamed of going up in a hot air balloon, and I figured this would be my chance to finally do it.

Dave: Wow, that sounds exciting! Did you get to go up in one?

Parr8: Yeah, but I hadn’t counted on how expensive it was going to be. I spent my first couple of hours there trying to find someone who’d give me a ride without charging me. Finally, I found a fella who told me he’d get me up there for free.

Dave: Great! Did the experience live up to your dreams?

Parr8: Well, yeah, I guess, but there turned out to be a catch. We got up about five hundred feet off the ground, and the fella says: Now let’s talk about how you’re gonna get back down. I got two choices for ya. You can jump outa this here gondola right now, That’s what they call those baskets that hang under the balloons, that you ride in, “gondolas.” or you can drop trou and bend over and let me take you from behind, he says to me.

Dave: Lordalmighty, that’s the last thing I would have expected! So, did you jump?

Parr8: Well, yeah, a little. At first.
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