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SW ... I got the book


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I do not own the band. I am going to use a loose rubber band.

Check your mailbox.

So...if I complained, do I have to start again the next day? I woke up this morning and said I was tired. This is a complaint.

Follow their rules, or modify them for how it fits your life. I tried not to make it too strict otherwise I would have stopped. The band didn't fit me so I went with the desktop app. Generally I penalized myself a lot and started over a lot. It was eye opening how much I complained.
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I have not read the book....But I firmly believe there is a difference in saying "I have a headache" and complaining about having a headache...same with tired.....Gee I am tired today...as an observation...or maybe with a question mark..like why am I tired today...as opposed to complaining (again and again) about being tired or a lack of energy.......It is back and white...complaint or not...but there is a lot of gray/grey in the world....I rarely get headaches...some making the comment that "I have a headache" to me is an observation and not necessarily a complaint.


We could go on to the glass half full or half empty thing...and to be honest I work with a pollyanna where everything is "bright and rosey"......there is an in between....at least in my opinion...

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