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....all about Lindsey Vonn's phone habits :D

The alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist, 37, whose new memoir is called Rise: My Story, shares what’s on her phone.

Number of contacts: 1,750.

Most-used app: Oura [sleep and activity tracker].

Most-recent Uber trip: From my home to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Two miles. $20.

App you wish someone would invent: A teleportation app. It would just make life so much easier.

App most likely to be viewed in a checkout line: WhatsApp.

Most-used entertainment app: Apple TV— Ted Lasso, The Morning Show andYellowstone.

Cities listed in weather app: Park City, Utah; Los Angeles; New York City.

Alarm settings: 7:30 a.m. weekday; 8:30 a.m. weekend, but my dogs usually wake me up much earlier.

Favorite picture on your Instagram feed: The picture from my last ski race, in February 2019.

Favorite food-related app: Vivino (wine rec app)

Strangest place you’ve lost your phone: Back pocket of an airplane seat when I was 12. It was my mom’s brand-new phone she let me take to ski camp, and I lost it on the first day.

Times you’re off your phone entirely: Vacations, meals and when spending time with family and friends.

Person you FaceTime most: My mom.

Most-listened-to album: Jay-Z, The Blueprint.

Favorite shopping app: The RealReal.

Strangest autocorrect mishap: It spells my name wrong: Lindsay instead of Lindsey. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when someone spells my name wrong, so the same stands for autocorrect. Or Conn instead of Vonn.

Game you wish you could delete: If you consider Duolingo a game, then Duolingo, as that would mean I have learned a new language

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