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Lasagna is expansive

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I have a big-ass lasagna in my belly, and it is starting to feel really bad.  That said, I waddled up to the scale after eating that 48lb beast, and it came up to only about 30lb over my normal weight.

I never knew that this was a thing! Eat immense amounts of fat (deliciousness) and only add a fraction of it to my bottom line!

Tomorrow - calzones!

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I make a 9 lb lasagna using Dreamfield's high-fiber noodles and lowfat cottage cheese, but it's otherwise lavish and was loved when I made it for our extended family's Christmas Dinner.  For nine 1 lb servings, it's only 573 Calories per serving.

I also have some cans of Palmini Hearts of Palm lasagna to try and they knock over 1000 Calories and 250 g of carbs off the total, but they're very expensive and since they're divided up into 9 portions, they don't cut the carbs or calories down enough per serving to make it worthwhile to do more than once.

I can't wait to make it again with the Dreamfield's Lasagna which, with shipping from netrition.com, is about $3.50/13.25 oz box of 14-15 big noodles that will make 4 2/3 to 5 complete layers in a 13" x 9.5" pan. It will make about five 1 lb meals for the week and I'll freeze the other four 1 lb bricks - double wrapping each one in plastic wrap.  They nuke beautifully from frozen at level 5 (half) power in the microwave.


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