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maybe shouldn't get homework done


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Maybe these other employees taking same online course as I, have more time in tomorrow morning to do their homework. I don't have time. We didn't get much. Still I just did my thing/duty for 1 hr. or so post-work time. 90% rest of class still haven't done their stuff before next course session tomorrow later in morn.

I cancelled a 2nd course, I signed up next month. These courses are free (doesn't directly hit a leader's dept. budget..  A lump corporate deal was struck with educational institution.).   Generally worthwhile..but it does mean 6 hrs. (over 3 days) away from work +  a few hrs. of (simple) homework. My brain already is  trying to deal with a backlog of my regular work and I can't  transfer it to other people.  

If I didn't have a job that requires me to think, write well, consult/talk with some people, and then verbalize same message in different ways to different audiences, these professional development courses would be fantastic. 

I shouldn't complain...one day soon, I'll look  back fondly:  those days of  brain over-stimulation...

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