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A fine Saturday morning


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Started organizing some clothes...layer #1 on my bed this morning.  Then I loaded the dishwasher and hand washed the few that needed the special attention.


Made breakfast...2 poached eggs.  Following that up with tea.


Now I need to wash my kitchen & bathroom floors and continue with the clothing thing.  I need to sort things to: goodwill, friends, and re-sell....  oh and the snowballs chance in hell that I will ever fit into this again pile :whistle::(


Still got the cough thing going on....other than that...life is good.

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Was in the tree stand right at the crack of dawn. Was windy, which was in my favor on one side and against me on the other. 30 minutes later the fun began. I hear a small herd of does and a couple fawns moving about 25 yards behind me. I nock an arrow, slowly stand and turn . Lots of brush. I get a shot at one large doe. She moves like she got hit and runs away . I see my arrow on the ground behind her. Thought, "crap, I missed." So I wait. I hear a noise back to my front , turn and there are two small button bucks almost directly below me. I watch them and look for a good shot. I don't get one I like, so I don't shoot. But they are taking their time; appear to be waiting for something. Ah, there she is! Another doe joins them. One of the small bucks snorts snd they all move off. Then, a four point buck comes into view about 15 yards away to my left. And a doe. The rut is on !! The smell of doe was strong!! These two are coming right to my stand. The doe is cautious, the buck has one thing only on his mind and is following her sniffing. The get 10- 15 yards from me. I need her to move out of the way to get the clear shot on him . And she looks up right at me with my bow half pulled back. I freeze. What seems an eternity passes and he looks at me too. They they skip a few yards behind me. And I never get a clear shot on him after that , and she never quits watching me. Eventually they disappear behind some boulders. All this occurred within an hour.

I wait another 30 minutes and climb down the stand and go retrieve my arrow. It's bent. But no blood or gore on it . Looks as though it might have passed through her hitting bone as it did. So I spent a couple hours tracking , hoping to find some blood or other sign that she was hit. Nothing.

I'm perplexed.

But it was enjoyable in the woods.

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