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Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on my VMWorkstation 16.2.2


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Sweet! I lover virtualization. I used Ubuntu for years as my goto Linux distro then switched to mint for the lightweight version was so easy to deploy over networks. Now I have Pop! OS (Ubuntu Debian base) and OpenSuse on one of my servers and OMV (Debain based too) on the media server.

Come to think of it, besides my OpenWRT on the router I use exclusively Debian bases. Since we're nerding out a bit:

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6 hours ago, Philander Seabury said:

I have two Ubuntus, both pretty darn old, I think maybe 6 and 8, Long Term Support because I hate changing OSes.

If you are running Virtual Box or VMWare you can install the latest Ubuntu from their site using an ISO. 

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36 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Were you doing this voluntarily or was it some sort of punishment?

Haha. My company issued me a Mickeysoft laptop and our division is UNIX/LINUX and working on an MSFT platform trying to do UNIX type things requires using bandaid emulations. My system admin guy saw my dev environment and immediately hooked me up with VMWARE. It’s more deep than that but so far I love it. If you aren’t in to MSFT dev tools and writing for that platform, it’s a piece of crap. But in my world nobody cares. Just get your shit done Dottles. 

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