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Mummies curses


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1 hour ago, jsharrwick said:

Seems like fire would be the way to get rid of a mummy.  Those wrappings have to be a fire hazard.

Just who is supposed to curse on the mummy's behalf?  By what mechanism are curses supposed to be carried out?

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1 hour ago, Ice Shanty Hooker said:

I don't think mummies are in any shape to deliver or carry out curses.  Dead people, no matter how wrapped in linen they may be, are dead, so no time to conceive and proclaim curses.

I don't think you can prove me wrong.

There are all kinds of curses associated with the opening of King Tut's tomb, from the British Lord who funded the project crying out in his bed in England and dying at the same time something about the tomb occurred in Egypt, to a ship sinking that carried stuff from Tut's tomb to various people associated with the tomb dying mysteriously.

Howard Carter went to Egypt in 1891 and discovered King Tut's tomb 21 years later and the official opening was on November 26, 1922,

I entered King Tut's tomb in 1999 and 21 years later, my house caught fire on March 2, 2020, 97 days after the 97th Anniversary of the Opening of King Tut's tomb.

I also went into the tomb of Ramses VI.  Our guide stopped us halfway down the entrance ramp, pointed to hieroglyphics, and told us it said than anyone who went beyond that point who be killed and his head devoured by the god Anubis.

So if I die by decapitation, you'll have a story to tell.


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