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Lexus Velodrome is back inflated


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I have never done velodrome.  I think you need a fixie.  Never owned one of those.

Our Xanadu track has more terrain.  :D Yesterday was my first real chance to do laps with Trail Boss on it.  Between dirt conditions and his work schedule, it is tough to get that window of opportunity.  He is so funny.  We played on our stuff here for a while, until I was tired.  Then he went down and packed the pump track with his tamper for like 2 hours.  Perfection is when it is packed down like concrete.  The last year or so has been a process of perfecting the features and the track.  He is so busy with that.  Yesterday, he also worked with a crew and built a skinny up in the park.  I love the Trail Boss.

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1 hour ago, bikeman564™ said:

Very cool.

A little info. This velodrome opened in 2018. It was in the works for some years and a very generous anonymous donation was received which allowed it to be built. Otherwise I believe it was funded privately. Lexus then bought the naming rights. Being in the shadows of General Motors, I wish it was the Cadillac of velodromes :D but I digress. It attracts huge crowds, and racers from all across the country, and some international. They cater to kids wanting to get involved in racing. Anyone under 18 has access to race there for free, with bikes provided. I'm at times surprised it was built, but after seeing the draw it has, I'm glad it was.  They offer classes to learn out to ride the track. Track 101 is required to ride it, then there is 201, and 301 (which I think is for racing). I've yet to try it. But I see people on strava posting rides there.

Lexus is the third velodrome in Michigan. The original Dorais velodrome built in 1969, was an outside track. This is where Frankie Andreau got his start. It eventually closed, and is now in ruins. I have ridden there w/ some people (see pic below). The second velodrome is located north of Detroit, in Rochester Hills. It's also an outside track  http://www.nas-track.com/velodrome/


me on Dorais



When the Lexus track opened, I was my bike club's president. So I had one of our meetings there :)



Very cool.  Ours was built by a local billionaire homebuilder who is an avid cyclist.  


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