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Quote of the Day: Anthony Burgess

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41 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

Sounds like a common Wordle solving tactic.   :D

I am having fun thinking of the perfect complementary second word.  It is actually more relevant in quordle where I think it pays just to spray the most common letters out early since you have 9 tries so no use racking your brian with sparse letters. :)  I did resort to using the cheap cheating-ass word soare and it is indeed effective!  I think RRs ATONE is slightly better than my recent go to STONE because vowels.  But LATER is definitely a good go to word.

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12 hours ago, Inspiration Bot said:

Anthony Burgess: "I didn't think; I experimented."

In science, research advanced from the thought experiments of the Socratic Age - when doing a physical experiment was considered cheating - to Archimedes, The Father of Experimental Science who figured out, from the rise and fall of the water level when he sat or rose in a bathtub, how to determine if the king's crown was pure gold and ran naked down the streets of ancient Syracuse, Sicily yelling "Eureka!" (Greek for "I found it!").

I tried to find the context of the Burgess quote, and found it was about FORM in writing novels, a similar approach to Archimedes:


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