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Local residential area stays residential!


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For three years, a local community that is 100% residential has been fighting against Dunkin Donuts sneaking in and getting a plot rezoned commercial.  The big problem is there's not a lot of room for traffic there now but it's about 1/2 mile from a major road with hotels mostly serving the Baltimore-Washington International Airport travelers and the roads would become a problem with a lot more traffic - including lines of cars in the AM-rush-hour drive thru.

The guy who is going to live there and run his small business out of it is the son of a high school classmate of mine - we both worked at nights at "Gino's" in the late 60's, a McD's-type fast-food place that also sold KFC chicken.


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17 hours ago, Philander Seabury said:

You are making me miss the Polish bakery by my old workplace. Hmm, maybe I will buy an Amish donut this Friday when I am off. I never don’t always do that, but when I do, they are very very good!  

Apple fritters done with very thin deep fried  batter are the best!

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